Cecilia Han attended the Embry Form Fashion Trends Show
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On April 19th, the Embry Form underwear trends show was staged in Hall 5 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, which started the opening ceremony of SIUF China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair in 2018. The show was held by four major chapters such as POWER LADY and SPORT HONEY, SWEET MAN, and AMAZING EAST to interpret the theme of the show - Fusion, expressing the beauty of the new era urban elite, conveying an inner comfort and the quality life attitude of external fashion. The famous actor Cecilia Han and the fashion blogger Toni were invited to attend the big show to witness the beautiful aesthetics and high level sexy charm of Embry Form.

Cecilia Han appears on the show in Embry Form’s autumn and winter new lace shirt

This big show shows four series, a total of 84 sets of underwear styles. After the show, Cecilia Han talked about her feelings, "The show is exceeding the unexpected, different styles are very good to make a fusion", she also said, "If you want to choose the style of home wear, the preferred one is comfort and simple style but the design is not simple.”

Fashion Blogger (@Toni) Zheng Lingling attended Embry Form Show


Regardless of domestic or foreign, “her power” is awakening, and women’ groups are generating powerful forces that cannot be ignored in all areas. As the opening chapter in Embry Form, Power Lady interprets the spirit of women in the new era with the coexistence of strength and softness, lightness and weight, complexity and simplicity, contradiction and harmony. It is necessary to be soft and beautiful, and more powerful.



The stretched catwalk likes the stage that faced by modern women. It is full of colorful and opportunities. It is on the high-heeled shoes, and it is fearless. Embry Form understands the needs of modern women, and helps them to understand and love themselves. Nothing about age to love each stage in your own life. Nothing about fat or thin to love your body. Nothing about the time to love your own status, let your body and mind be relaxed and comfortable.

The coexistence of strength and femininity constitutes the spiritual core of the new era women. Embry Form is constantly advancing but always maintains its own high level sexy style. The product is rooted in the inside, focusing on the comfort of the underwear and the health care for the body, following the subtlety design concept, the underwear likes a piece of fine art.


Under the trend of sports, a variety of fashion sports products emerge in endless stream. Embry Form's young underwear brand, Fendecie, presents a dynamic and sweet charm of parents and children in sports underwear and apparel. Health is an eternal theme and exercise is regardless of age.

The figure 99 on the chest represents that the Fandecie brand was established in 1999, along with the evolution of Fandecie's girls from ignorant girls to fashion moms.

Exercise is a body carnival, accompanied by Fandecie and LUCIE'S WORLD with peace and comfort in mind.

Zheng Lingling, Fashion blogger (Toni), praised the parent-child show on stage. "Being a mother is an important stage in women' life. At such a turning point in life, it is really great that there is such a brand that can always accompany and understand my needs."


Who said that men's clothing is stereotyped? Who said that men' wear and bright colors do not match? In the fashion lingerie feast, Embry Form's elite men' brand IVU has spent a lot of time on men who are pursuing fashion tastes, breaking the stereotype of “men' clothing is not colorful” and teaching men how to wear with colors.




Without this chapter, you probably can't imagine how men will control the color. This show will give you the brightest answer. Bright colors, exquisite prints, and neat cuts make you feel at home. If you are an urban man who is not willing to be in a frame, pay attention to quality life and comfortable skin-friendly experience, IVU will not let you down.

The IVU brand of the Embry Form Group creates low-key luxury and fashionable and vibrant underwear, cotton sweaters, homewears, trunks and sportswear for the pursuit of high-quality men. It adheres to the high quality requirements of the Embry Form Group and gives urban-oriented men the intimate caring.


The fourth chapter as the finale is a perfect interpretation of the theme: fusion. Liza Cheng, a luxury underwear brand under the Embry Form Group, is a series of Chinese-inspired 12-year-old zodiac. The delicate and vivid zodiac animal embroidery is displayed on the curve. It is the ultimate temptation of high level sexy, and it is also a perfect presentation of Liza Cheng’s fusion of oriental culture essence.



Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit

The nationality is the world. The Chinese element design pays more attention to the harmony between humans and the world, nature and beauty. Liza Cheng pays tribute to Chinese aesthetics with the 12 zodiac series, and expresses the deep love for Chinese culture.

Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat

Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

This show is a perfect interpretation of the different moments of EMBRYTIME, from the vitality of youth, the elegance of the workplace, the softness of the family, the delicate time of parenting. Embry Form accompanies person’s colorful life in modern city, creates every section of wonderful life.

About Embry Form

Since its establishment in 1975, the Embry Form Group has become the industry fashion benchmark for more than 40 years. It adheres to the research and development concept of green ecological textiles, which not only makes underwear more suitable for Chinese women' body curves, but also upgrades underwear products to new technological heights. It has more than 40 independent R&D patents, and established a series of eight brands with high quality and diversity, including elegance, comfort, high quality original brand Embry Form, Sexy &Chic's cute and feminine young underwear brand Fandecie, functional, healthy, elegant functional brand Comfit, Liza Cheng, a luxurious and exquisite underwear product, E-BRA, a professional and popular underwear brand, Iadore, a fresh and sexy brand for urban women, a superior quality men' underwear brand IVU, and LUCIE'S WORLD, creating safety, healthy and fun girl brand.

Over the years, the Embry Form Group has helped the development of the industry and promoted the green and healthy culture of underwear. In addition to leading the opening show of the Shenzhen Underwear Show, it also founded the An Lifang China International Home Furnishing Original Design Competition, which injects fresh power into the industry and simultaneously serves many domestic super The model contest provides underwear swimwear sponsorship to promote the development of the entire fashion industry.

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