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  At the 2018 SIUF, these three places are the most favorite places for designers.


At this China intimate apparel culture week, the "Designer Salon" is organized by China underwear culture week committee, Shenzhen underwear exhibition committee. "Designer Salon" "2019 Fashion Trends Release Area" and "Original Design Area", hosted by UD design training institute, show the Chinese underwear fashion and unique charm of fashion design to the world. It is called by underwear designers that the exhibition is one of the favorite places to visit. 



Wang Qian, founder of the UD Design Training Institute, said that the original intention of hosting the event was “Underwear design is the soul of underwear. Nowadays people pay more attention to the quality of life, and the pursuit of design sense makes the importance of underwear design more prominent. Brands manufacturers have begun to exert their efforts from simple product imitation to deep brand positioning, hoping to reshape the mental model of consumers under this positioning through brand style. This is not only reflected in the brand's transformation of design, even OEM/ODM manufacturers have begun to join the business war, and some industrial clusters have a lack of underwear designers. We hope to showcase the powerful potential of Chinese underwear design to the world by means of the industry's largest platform such as Shenzhen International Underwear Fair, showcase the strength of original underwear design, and build a community platform for designers to communicate effectively and learn from each other to solve the problems faced in work and study. According to the designer's needs, we designed the designer salon, original design and fashion trend release to serve the underwear designers.”

Designer Salon


2018 China Intimate Apparel Culture Week, China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair Fashion Trends Designer Salon was jointly organized by China Intimate Apparel Culture Week, China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair and UD design training institute.

The two-day designer salon has designers from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Yiwu, Xiamen and many other companies/brands, covering underwear, large underwear, accessories and other fields. The number of reception designers is nearly one hundred. Salon invited Uta Witting, Senior vice president of design and product development of Hong Kong Clover Group, Francisca, chief fashion editor of well-known lingerie fashion magazine INTIMA, a senior underwear designer, Wu Jingqiao, design director of Taiwan Wacoal, and Yu Zijian, head of Embry Form e-commerce operation etc. Celebrities in the industry share hot topics such as design history, designer deconstruction, fashion trends, e-commerce underwear development trends, and six Internet thinking skills that designers must have.


In the interactive session of the salon, designers discussed and exchanged with the guests on various issues such as brand positioning and consumer purchase, Western brands rushing to the Chinese market, consumption habits of the East and West, and emerging consumerism. Communicate and enlighten the unique insights and inspirations of life and innovation through communication and bring you thinking and enlightenment.

Uta Witting, senior vice president of design and product development at Clover Group in Hong Kong, said that the salon allowed her to see the changes in China's new era of underwear designers. In contrast, they are more adept at thinking, capturing, enriching ideas and being good at communication.


2019 Fashion Trends Area

The first “Fashion Trends Release Area” also received much attention and high praise.

The Organizing Committee collects the latest and hottest fabrics and accessories from nearly 100 suppliers. It is hosted by Guangdong Textile Association, Shenzhen Underwear Association, Donghua University, Xi'an Textile Engineering College and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Famous designers at domestic and foreign form a jury of fashion trends experts.



According to the domestic market analysis and fashion trends forecast, the fashion trends area released four themes of 2019 underwear industry, new horizon, new urban strength, motivated life and fantasy garden. At the same time, more than a dozen fabrics suppliers were selected to display the theme. Underwear designers, buyers, purchases, etc. provide a new season of ideas, provide directions for manufacturers to design and develop, while increasing the exposure of fabrics manufacturers.


Original Design Pavilion


The “Original Design Pavilion” located in Hall 9 invites many well-known designers (studios) in the industry to settle in.


Through the art window, product display, scene display and many other forms, this exhibition will showcase the charm of underwear design with different styles, different shades and different interpretation techniques. It will showcase the strength and concept of new underwear design and jointly reveal new trends in the future.


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