The Battlefield of Enterprises Breaking Cocoon - 2018 SIUF
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SIUF2018 China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair Investment Season.

The annual SIUF became the most important "solar terms" in underwear industry, 2018 SIUF start to attract investment. 

The annual SIUF became the most important "solar terms" in underwear industry. The largest exhibition in the underwear industry, Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair (SIUF), has become the exclusive business in the industry.

2The 2017 Shenzhen International Underwear Fair has a scale of 73,000 square meters and 825 exhibitors from all over the world, covering 25 countries and regions including China, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, France, Italy and Israel. It has displayed famous brands at home and abroad, suppliers, manufacturers, e-commerce, etc. through six pavilions, leading the innovation direction and fashion trends of the underwear industry chain.
SIUF is an annual indispensable gala event for underwear industry and delegates in this fields. For the companies that have just entered the business, the annual China Intimate Apparel Culture Week and Shenzhen International Underwear Fair (SIUF) is one of the must-have projects. Through this platform, they can quickly grasp the general situation of every link in the domestic underwear industry chain. For those who have been in the industry for many years, the exhibition has become an occasion that must be attended every year. In addition to the necessary for company promotion, they also can come to meet friends and talk about business.

In 2017, the last phase of mobile Internet era will bring subversive changes to the industry. The remained pattern for many year will be changed. The 2018 Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair which is at the forefront of the tide, launched investment promotion in August and it has been clearly perceived the trend of oligopoly brewing.

The underwear industry has two wolves, one is "Mobile Internet" and the other is called "Consumption Upgrade".

On one hand, the business model of e-commerce platform, micro-business, and content e-commerce faces directly to consumers, and the profit space originally caused by information asymmetry is almost cut off by this wolf, resulting in the collapse of the original traditional industrial structure. The industry that has lost its customers is like a headless fly.

On the other hand, the magic of the mobile Internet has changed the way consumers think and behave, and many underwear brands customers have been cut off by market segments, resulting in a backlog of inventory.


In the market where supply and demand are unbalanced, manufacturers have cut prices in order to survive and earn profit. Because the market has become more competitive, there are enough competitive companies, which will reduce profits. Enterprises can only expand their market share to supply for their differential profits. In fact, in the face of the e-commerce platform with lower sunk cost, there is no power to deal with in the industry. In an attempt to stabilize the market, there are different types of consortia to slow down the pace of the lowest point of the smile curve, the entire industry is caught in a "prisoner's dilemma".

As a centralized communication platform for the whole underwear industry chain, Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair can always perceive the turmoil of the industry and rely on its huge resources and communication advantages to become an explorer of the industry trends and control the development of the industry.

From the general trend, the “Statistical Analysis Report on the Development of China's Exhibition Industry [2016]” issued by the Ministry of Commerce shows that the scale of exhibitions and the available exhibition area in China are still ranked at the first place in the world, and the economic and social benefits continue to improve, and new drivers of development are gathering, and political policies are favorable. 

The essence of the exhibition belongs to the nature of the platform. Anyone who is familiar with the business model knows that the platform can only be established and maximized value when the industry is descending.

From the perspective of enterprises, when the economic situation of the industry is declining, the demand for customers is extremely strong. As the total cost of e-commerce becomes higher, the company automatically flows to the lower cost of obtaining customers, balancing in the middle in case the unbalance causes the opportunity cost of selection to be too high.

It is the first year of real change for the underwear industry in 2017. The three-day exhibition has become a "breaking" battlefield for companies to break the "prisoner's dilemma".
In fact, this kind of situation has already emerged last year. For example, the concentrated appearance of several emerging B2B platforms in the industry has not become a wave of enthusiasm, but it has become a hot topic then. The main reasons for predicting that 2017 will be the main battlefield for enterprises are as follows:
First, the mobile Internet entered the second half and the latest explanation for the new retail shows that the era of "traffic takers" has been in the past, and the industrial chain transformation in the consumer industry chain will become the next hotspot, such as new materials technology and industrial chain information technology. Moreover, there are new opportunities for the rearrangement of the underwear production process.

Second, with the change of consumer behavior habits, the term "category" has been redefined. In the underwear industry, the so-called category classification standard is product, and the standard of "category" in the future is "person". So the importance of designers is highlighted.

Third, the "self-service stores" that have been hot in the past few months seem to be gimmicks. It is not so simple to think carefully. The logic behind the media attention of major IT companies is cloud technology, data mining analysis, artificial intelligence and other new technologies. The new technology revolution will bring a new round of "industrial revolution".
From this, we can predict that under the Matthew effect brought by the new technology, the pattern of underwear industry will also be broken. In the future, there will be a situation in which innovative enterprises and oligopolistic enterprises will go hand in hand. However, companies with no highlights at the bottom of the pyramids will be forced to reinvent themselves to find another way out. For innovative companies and oligopolistic enterprises, choosing the world's largest underwear show must be one of the best battlefields to prove the company's comprehensive strength.


Studying the new investment direction of SIUF, we can see that there are three highlights worthy of analysis: First, the underwear exhibition has increased the recruitment of professional visitors and the invitation of buyers; second, strengthen the integration and cooperation of industrial clusters; third, strengthen the integration of science and technology innovation.
Professional audience recruitment and buyer invitations have always been one of the core tasks of the exhibition. In 2018, according to the development of the industry, these work will also undergo new changes: First, in the face of the changed consumption habits, inviting the original professional audience, at the same time, directly increasing contact with consumers, such as the new experience of online celebrity live broadcast, strengthening cooperation between C-end media and self-media. Opening up cooperation directly to C-end, and it may also display the form of "consumer-centered future store".

The second highlight is to strengthen the integration and cooperation of industrial clusters. According to the data of exhibitions in recent years, the demand for exhibits of fabric materials and industrial clusters has remained strong. Brand enterprises, chain enterprises and e-commerce enterprises active in the front end of the underwear industry are actively integrating high-quality industrial resources, strengthening cooperation and promoting industrial optimization and upgrading.

The third highlight is: In order to strengthen the integration of science and technology innovation, not only cooperation in overseas markets and cross-category markets, but also scientific and technological cooperation have been strengthened at the 2018 exhibition. A technology exhibition area established in the fair, mainly showing: face recognition, virtual reality, information software, data mining, wearable devices, future stores and other high-tech products. It is truly bring innovation and technology into the underwear industry chain to achieve internal and external integration.

According to the above information, it seams that we can perceive the competition on the battlefield among the enterprises next year. It is currently unknown who is the protagonist in the industry drama, but the increasing competitiveness not only creates difficulties, but also brings many new highlights and opportunities to the industry.

Underwear enterprises should pay attention to this exhibition.



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