Strongest Brain and the Internet Big Shot Gathered in SIUF Underwear Summit
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On the morning of April 20th, "2018 China Underwear Summit - Chain", supported by the China Intimate Apparel Culture Week organizing committee, China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair organizing committee, sponsored by China National Commercial Information Center, Shenzhen Underwear Association, Shenzhen Chain Management Association, organized by SIUF Technology, Inner, Underwear Vision Newspaper, special sponsored by Shenzhen Kaidi Industrial Development Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Jing Juli Fashion Co., Ltd, Baoding Jinmiao Underwear Co., Ltd., was held as scheduled at the forum area of 2018SIUF Shenzhen International Underwear Brand Fair hall 9.


With the theme of “Innovation, fusion, and change in cross-border”, the summit invited over 100 national underwear chain companies' leaders, the "strongest brain" in the retail and fashion field, and smart retail experts to cross the border. We have launched a unique "brainstorm" in terms of cross-border chain enterprises, fusion, scientific and technological wisdom, innovation and development.

 Xia Lingmin, Vice-president of China National Textile and Apparel Council


In the forum, Xia Lingmin, vice president of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, delivered a speech: "General Secretary Xi repeatedly stressed that to build a modern economic system, the focus of economic development must be placed on the real economy. 2018 is the key year of entity industry embraces innovation, multi-track cross-border integration innovation. 2018 is also a year in which the chain brands continue to deepen. The theme of this conference is cross-border and integration. In the era of change in each industry, it is a big integration and innovation, which means learning from each other and mutual promotion. We have reason to believe that the underwear industry will be able to seize the historical opportunity of market transformation and create a more brilliant future."

Huang Bin, Senior Specialist of HUAWE Cloud BU

Huang Bin, a senior expert in cloud computing of Huawei Cloud BU, shared a keynote speech entitled "Smart Retail Helps Enterprise Development" to explain the new retail format of the entity chain from the perspective of cloud computing. He believes that at present, technologies such as cloud logistics technology, fully connected office collaboration, and digital intelligence are becoming more mature. Digitalization is the cornerstone of the new retail era. Enterprises are innovating from the inside to outside through cloud technology: internal cloud, digital, and service. To break through cross-domain information breakpoints, conduct precision operations externally, and digitize through the transaction process with customers. Therefore, to achieve the two core purposes of improving the operating efficiency of new retail enterprises and improving customer service satisfaction.


New retail combat expert Su Zhen, Co-founder of Guan Chaohui Data Technology

Su Zhen, Co-founder of Guan Chaohui Data Technology Co., Ltd, shared the keynote speech "The new retail time of the physical chain". He pointed out that in the past, the physical chain was in the era of large channels, and the number and breadth of the stores were used to measure whether the enterprise was strong. Nowadays, we are transforming from the era of big retail and big customization, and the big retail era with consumers and products as the core has arrived. The physical store should actively embrace the Internet, use the way of consumer and Internet to complete the flow transformation, reorganize the relationship between people, goods and fields through operation, and break the objective existence of the entity through Internet technology. Physical retailing should activate the three dimensions of stock, creation incremental, and self-operated traffic, upgrade from the tools to the era of business models.

   Cheng Zuming, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Cosmo Lady 

Mr. Cheng Zuming, executive director and chief operating officer of Cosmo Lady (China) Holdings Company Limited, gave a newer definition of new retail in his "business innovation in the context of new retail". He believes that the typical business case of "new retail" is the e-commerce enterprise represented by Ali invested or acquired enterprises, and conducts business in a self-operated or joint venture way. The hidden logic behind it is that the e-commerce space has narrowed, the cost of developing online customers has become higher and higher, and the physical retail potential is endless. The huge economic benefits have driven the company to develop new retail formats. The development of new formats in the retail industry has become an inevitable trend. He also interprets the definition of new retail in terms of new retail consumption and business innovation in the context of new retail.

Ma Qingxuan, Dean of Shantou Research Institute of Fashion Homewear Industry and CEO of Guangdong Kaidi Clothing Co., Ltd

Zhang Hongchao, Founder of City Show Feeling Lingerie Chain Brand, Guangzhou Jing Juli Fashion Co., Ltd

Zhang Yanying, Deputy General Manager and Marketing Director of Baoding Jinmiao Underwear Co., Ltd

Fang Qiaoming, Deputy General Manager of Sanfu Store Commodity Center

In the guest interactive session, many other industry leaders and speakers talked about industry hotspots, such as new retail tools and physical retail stores are integrated into a new form of new retail entity chain and other issues have been discussed in more depth.



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