The Opening Ceremony of 2018 China Intimate Apparel Culture Week
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2018 China Intimate Apparel Culture Week and China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair (SIUF) was grand held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on April 19th. 

The Opening Ceremony of China Intimate Apparel Culture Week


The three-day exhibition is rich in content and events. The exhibition scale reaches 73,000 square meters. It brings more than 900 exhibitors/brands and continues to lead the global underwear exhibition industry. In addition to static exhibitions, this year, Intimate Apparel Culture Week also includes supermodel competitions, design competitions, underwear shows, awards ceremony, forums, designer salons, underwear carnivals and other exciting supporting activities.

Exhibition Guests Cruise Pavilions


This exhibition is more popular than ever before, in addition to the previous exhibits such as bras, functional underwear, health underwear, thermal underwear, home clothes, pajamas, sports underwear, men' underwear, all kinds of underwear fabrics and accessories, lace, machinery, equipment, models and underwear design and the entire underwear industry chain, it also includes cross-border products such as socks, T-shirts, and children products. This shows that the industry is undergoing a major consumer-centric transformation from the underwear industry to the surrounding products. The industry's famous brands such as Embry Form, Cosmo Lady, OLENO, Sunny, Meisee, Odifen, DEULIFE, Pierre Cardin, Hosa, Tengfei, INVISTA, Lenzing and other well-known brands and manufacturers who have cooperated with SIUF for many years take the latest technology and new products again, showing the richness and wonderfulness of Chinese underwear products!

"Cross-border and innovation" Sweep the Fair

New materials, new technologies and new forms are the highlights of this exhibition. Invista LYCRA® has been a technical update for sixty years, and phyto-graphene, the new materials, made by Shengquan, wearable smart sports underwear and so on.

As the pace of integration of mobile internet into traditional industries is getting closer and closer, more innovative brands and innovative categories have the potential to break out, and with the changes in consumer ecology, static displays are fully visible. Cross-border categories such as baby products, sports wear, functional underwear, socks, thermal underwear, and T-shirts have been in a big position to show their power to the industry. In recent years, the famous products from Hengdu, Sunflowers, and Eclogue exhibit in a large scale. The cross-border is experiencing rapid momentum.


Cecilia Han attended the opening ceremony show of Embry Form


In recent years, the upgrading of traditional industries has frequently triggered discussions in the industry. Sunny brought the new brand micro sports underwear YOGIRL to the exhibition, and it created a smart high-tech network shooting resort that is banned under the age of 18. The store is not only outstanding in appearance, but also the core is amazing. The latest face payment, digital marketing, membership integration, etc., the collection of experience, leisure, sales as a smart store form - smart retail underwear store.


On the afternoon of April 19th, 2018 China Underwear Summit Technology Forum was grandly held in hall 9 of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, which is guided by Consumer Goods Industry Division of MIIT, organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade - Shenzhen Branch, Shenzhen Guangming New District Management Committee, supported by China Knitting Industrial Association, China National Commercial Information Center, hosted by Shenzhen Guangming New District Economic Service Bureau, Guangdong Textile Association, Shenzhen Underwear Association. With the theme of "Technology changes the future", the summit invites well-known guests from all fields to explore the future of Chinese underwear enterprises under the new consumption concept, the new retail era, and the new ecosystem. From the quantum technology, smart wearable products to the underwear industry operation methodology in the new retail era. Technology will change the status of the industry in the future, and deep exploration will lead to industry thinking and help the underwear industry to upgrade.


Scientific and technological innovation is an extremely important part of the underwear industry. Member management experts, professional order software service providers such as Zhangding and other rapidly rising Internet companies have also launched more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with SIUF.

Lead 2019 Underwear "Fashion Trends"

The fashion trends area, organized by China Intimate Apparel Culture Week Committee and China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair Committee, supported by Guangdong Textile Association and Shenzhen Underwear Association, sponsored by Lenzing Fiber (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Foshan Qingying Textile Co., Ltd, co-organized by the UD Design and Training Institute, was the first time to release in hall 2 over the past 13 years. The fashion trends attracted much attention from the industry.

The organizing committee cooperated with Donghua University College of Textiles, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and other universities and institutes, and invited senior underwear professionals and famous designers from domestic and foreign to form a professional jury of underwear fashion trends. Through market analysis and trend forecasting, issuing the underwear industry’s authoritative "2019 Underwear Fashion Trends". It combines with the trend of 2018 fabrics, showing the future fashion trends to designers, buyers, purchasers and pointing out the direction for manufacturers to design and develop.


"Eight Industry Clusters" as Underwear Industry Pillar Showed in the Fair

Shenzhen underwear, leading the country. Taking Shenzhen as the fulcrum, Foshan, Shantou and Zhongshan are the important industries areas, which has carrying two-thirds of the underwear industry market share. As the industry enters into the overall shock period, the industry is undergoing another product evolution,model evolution and channel evolution. With the promotion of science and technology, the underwear industry chain continues to optimize the second-speed iteration, and the strength of the industrial cluster is highlighted. This exhibition, Shenzhen underwear industry cluster, Foshan Yanbu underwear industry cluster, Zhongshan underwear industry cluster, Changle lace industry cluster, Shandong knitting industry cluster, Yiwu seamless industry cluster, Shantou underwear industry cluster, Jinjiang swimwear industry cluster, these eight industrial clusters unveiled and become a hot spot of concern in the industry.



The number of shows hits a new high

Compared with previous years, the shows in this year are brilliant. In addition to the traditional awards, the 5th International Lingerie Supermodel Contest, Nice In "Charm of Oriental China" International Creative Design Competition, Embry Form International Homewear Creative Design Competition, and the 2018' fashion trends of Embry Form opening ceremony show, there are many fashion release shows at this exhibition such as Sunny, Tengfei, Body Style, DEULIFE, Yangmer, Kefengman, Cooldon and other well-known brands. Among them, Sunny, Tengfei, Cooldon launched a series of sports underwear to arise a new wave of sports.





At the same time, SIUF created, “Underwear Carnival" event, a super feast for all the people to buy underwear through the comprehensive platforms from online and offline channels. OLENO, Ordifen, Kuger, Anyform, QUEEND, JOHN&ELAINE, HSIA, YISELLE, Cooldon, BuildingBeauty, Qirui, AERENEY, Autumndeer, Ding Guagua, Ubras, Bothyoung and other brands in underwear carnival staged a joint show, and exploded in Hall 9.

 “Fashion Icons” are coming and showing the international style

The three-day China Intimate Apparel Culture Week not only has the shows, but also gathered the world's leading fashion director Hamish Hamilton, top fashion show director Rene Celestin, international top star scout Noah Shelley and Victoria's Secret supermodel Cindy Bruna. China Intimate Apparel Culture Week will present a professional and entertaining international underwear festival for the public.


Shenzhen fashion is in line with international standards. The development of SIUF has attracted the attention of the international fashion industry. Hamish Hamilton and Rene Celestin have visited SIUF many times and highly praised the exhibition. This year, it attracted the Victoria's Secret supermodel Cindy Bruna came to as a jury of the lingerie supermodel competition. Cindy Bruna was called “Black Pearl” in the fashion industry. In 2013-2017, she was on the stage of “Victoria's Secret” for five consecutive years and became the angel supermodel wearing wings. She is also favored by many international brands as a spokesperson for the YSL and the Chanel.

Fashion directors, scouts, Victoria's Secret supermodels and other international icons are gathering in Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair. It will promote the exchange and integration of oriental fashion and western fashion, and help Chinese fashion to the forefront of international fashion.



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