2018 China International Underwear Summit-Lycra® Brand Innovation Forum
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On the afternoon of April 20th, 2018 China Underwear Summit “Lycra® Brand innovation forum”, specially organized by Invista Fiber (Foshan) Co., Ltd, supported by China Underwear Culture Week Committee and China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair Committee, was held at 2018 SIUF hall 9.
Forum guests and LYCRA brand company executives 

The forum has invited celebrities in the industry to embark on a dialogue, gathering industry leaders and CEO of own brands. From different dimensions such as the design, quality manufacturing, C-end brands, new technology applications and traditional underwear R&D to interpret the innovation as an important role in the underwear industry. 

Uta Witting, Senior Vice President of Design and Product Development at Clover Group in Hong Kong

After the opening ceremony, Uta Witting, senior vice president of design and product development at Clover Group in Hong Kong, started the theme of “Innovative Attitude in Design” with a classic saying in a famous western literature, “If ever to the moment I shall say: beautiful moment do not pass away”. She compared the innovation of design to breathing. She believes that the attitude in designing innovative products changes with the fresh strategy. Innovation is like breathing, and attracting what we see and perceive around us like the deep inhalation, then hold to start imagining the puzzle, blending the essence of the absorption into the product to create new highlights, and then, put the product into action."
 Yan Jinjiang, Application Development Manager, INVISTA China
At the meeting, Yan Jinjiang, application development manager of Invista China, released the Global Bra Market Survey, which states that the core needs of women for bra are support, comfort, and beauty. In addition, the report also summarizes the structural characteristics of the bra in the Chinese market from the perspective of professional design and structure, and introduces the important role played by innovative fabrics and innovative technologies in solving the pain points of consumers' core needs.

O2 Underwear Founder & CEO Xu Daini
The industry's new underwear e-commerce brand O2 Underwear founder & CEO Xu Daini from the perspective of entrepreneurial brand to interpret innovative attitude. A comparison of the establishment story between new brands and traditional brands, reflecting the important role of innovation in establishment of new brand. And it is a powerful force driving the evolution of the industry.

Xu Renshen, General Manager of Qingdao Mingcheng Garment Co., Ltd

Xu Renshen, the general manager of Qingdao Mingcheng Garment Co., Ltd, explained the innovative application of LYCRA fiber in Pierre Cardin children's underwear. The application of new materials in the vertical field is explained the significance of innovative attitudes.
Liao Congbin, General Manager of Lightness Group

Liao Congbin, general manager of the Lightness Group, gave a speech on the theme of “Research and Innovation of Traditional Underwear”. He believes that the underwear industry has never stopped innovating in the design and development of products. It is particularly important to maintain consumer’s excitement in China's approximately 180 billion women' underwear market via continuous product innovation. He explained the five aspects of innovation, innovative materials, innovative technology, international fashion trends and consumer curvaceous beauty, and the relationship between innovation and innovation and the relationship between the brand and the Lightness brand.
He explained in detail about the relationship between innovation & innovative attitudes and the Lightness from five aspects: innovative underwear elements, innovative materials, innovative technology, international fashion trends and consumer curvaceous beauty.

Steve Stewart, CBO of Invista China's Apparel and Advanced Textiles Business, and Zhang Fengwei, Founder of China Underwear Culture Week


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