"XINYI CHARITY Fashion Night ":
Golden Belly-band Award - the Annual Grand Award-Giving Ceremony
of 2016-2017 SIUF Chinese Underwear Industry

Introduction of grand ceremony:

"XinYi Charity Fashion Night" is a yearly event held by SIUF Committee and XINYI PUBLIC WELFARE FOUNDATION. It gathers celebrities together, and combines compassion together to jointly focus on health care of women breasts and to promote the development of China public welfare.
SIUF Committee established an annual ceremony for China's underwear industry: Golden Belly-band Award — the supreme grand award of the underwear industry. It is aimed at encouraging self-owned brands’ innovation, affirming the achievements of the brands within a year, strengthening the brand awareness and intellectual property protection awareness of Chinese underwear enterprises, and expanding the social influence and popularity of Chinese underwear brands. It is more than an outstanding platform for industry chain of underwear, but also a honor for Chinese underwear brands. In addition to embodying a wind indicator of the development of Chinese underwear, it will also be the best spokesman for Chinese underwear through its high-end positioning and wide influence, so that worldwide enterprises can know Chinese underwear development.

Ways of cooperation :

①Title Sponsor: CNY 500,000
②Two brands will be launched in the grand ceremony, with 15 minutes and CNY 300,000 for a show.

Meaning of cooperation:

to upgrade the high-end and social image of enterprises and brands; to set up a communication platform for enterprises to combine high-level public relations and mainstream media; and to provide enterprises with a new product launching platform.