Approved by                                 Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

Guided by                                     Consumer Goods Industry Division of MIIT
Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province
                                                       Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Shenzhen
                                                       China Council for the Promotion of International Trade-Shenzhen Branch
                                                       Shenzhen Futian Government

Sponsored by                              
Tarsus Group
                                                      Guangdong Textile Association
                                                       Shenzhen Shengshi Jiuzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd

Organized by                                Shenzhen Underwear Association
                                                       Shenzhen Shengshi Jiuzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd

Planned and Executed by           Shenzhen SIUF Cultural Media Co., Ltd

Supported by                               China Textile & Garment Brand Strategy Promotion Committee
                                                      China Knitting Industry Association
                                                      China National Commercial Information Center


Co-organized by                          Foshan Nanhai Yanbu Underwear Association 
                                                      Zhongshan Xiaolan Chamber of Commerce Clothing and Footwear Association
                                                      Shantou Chendian Underwear Association
                                                      China Knitting Industrial Association- Changle Lace Branch
                                                      Jinjiang Swimsuit Industry Association


The Shenzhen International Underwear Fair (SIUF), the China Intimate Apparel Culture Week which authorized by Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, was a yearly exhibition presented by Tarsus Group, Shenzhen Shengshi Jiuzhou Tarsus Exhibition Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Underwear Association, with the support of Guangdong Textile Association.

SIUF, serving as a high-end platform for exhibiting international brand underwear and China's underwear manufacturing base, relying on China underwear industry, mainly focuses on international brand exhibition for the purpose of linking the industry to markets and pursues for establishing an information system with intra-regional industry linkage and interaction so as to build up a world-class commercial platform that integrates underwear brand promotion, culture transmission, exhibition and trading, high-level talks, market expansion and wealth creation together.


Tarsus is an international business-to-business media group with interests in exhibitions, conferences, education, publishing and online media. Since its formation in 1998, Tarsus has built a diverse portfolio of leading brands that span a wide range of industries and geographies. Tarsus has developed a solid international customer base whilst forging a strong presence in local markets and nurturing a loyal team with exceptional market knowledge.

Tarsus is focused on developing a business that facilitates relationships between buyers and sellers, helping them to do business in their respective markets efficiently and profitably. Exhibitions offer a unique and unparalleled proposition in their ability to provide face-to-face interaction, and are particularly resilient in emerging markets where personal relationships are so highly valued.

Tarsus has established a strong foothold as the owners of a portfolio of world-class products in the emerging markets of China, the Middle East, Turkey, India, Southeast Asia and Mexico, in addition to the US. As a result Tarsus is well positioned to leverage these assets as a platform for growth.